Ellis Faas Skin Veil Bottle-105 Medium/Tan


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Ellis Faas Skin Veil Bottle-105 Medium/Tan Description

Color:Medium/Tan Skin Veil Fair is Foundation for medium/tan skin with pink undertone.. With an exceptional balance of high quality ingredients, Skin Veil glides on in a thin layer, blending into the skin. A foundation that illuminates the skin without feeling or appearing like a mask. The purpose of this foundation is to achieve a porcelain, even skin tone. Skin Veil minerals diffuse light across the skin’s surface, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. ELLIS FAAS foundation incorporates moisturizing ingredients which nourish and protect the skin. Active Ingredients are Vitamin E and a special selection of natural minerals. To use, apply Skin Veil on the Tzone (forehead and nose) and fade outwards with the brush or finger tips to provide sufficient and natural-looking coverage. Within just a few minutes, Skin Veil becomes one with the skin. Apply a second layer for a more coverage. Recommended for each skin type. No scent. No parabens. No animal testing. In order to be striking, a shade must take your skin tone into account. The line of Ellis Faas is based on the colours that the body produces naturally. We want to help you to express who you are, or how you want to show yourself to the world. At Ellis we are all about a playful way to look at makeup that is not about perfection or rules. It is a way to see our complicated, imperfect selves and address how we are feeling or want to feel. You will possibly also discover new shades you have not seen or tried before.

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